Friday, August 1, 2014

Learning a new trade: Cake Decorating

One of the Brag Tag activities was decorate a cake.  Clint thought it would be a great idea for them to decorate his birthday cake.  He wanted a number 8 cake for his baptism so that is what we had for dessert.  It turned out to be pretty perfect-- except he wanted red icing.  He wasn't okay with pink icing and in order to use my cake decorating tools we'd have to make the icing and I can't get it to go red so he settled for blue. We made two round swirl cakes and placed them together to make the number 8.  The boys spent  a lot of time covering the cake with stars.  It turned out great and they thought it was tons of fun.  I was surprised how well they all did.  I didn't get a photo of the finished product but they filled in all the gaps and it really looked nice.  I would dare say that most people would have thought an adult did it.  Fun new experience!

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