Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lake Powell!

Tanner, Ron, Austin, and Darryl
We're here again!  I'm so excited to be where my heart lies.  You may wonder why this strange picture is linked to this post but it is significant-- I'll explain.  When we arrived at the houseboat, Freebird, the boys needed to explore.  They wanted to see and know what every button does, where every door went too, what was behind every hole cover.  In their tour of the boat they found the water manifold.  What boy wouldn't love this sight!  It looks so fun!  They asked many questions about it and then eventually continued exploring.  Throughout this week though Cole could be found standing in front of it just staring at it.  I was so nervous he would mess something up so I would watch him intently.  He never even tried to touch it though.  He just stood there in awe.  One night we were getting all the kids tucked into bed and Cole had gone in to use the restroom.  It was taking him a while so I went to find him.  I didn't find him in the bathroom; he had used the restroom but didn't stay there.  Instead I found him standing with the cupboard doors open in front of the manifold.  I walked over and asked him what he was doing.  He didn't look away and said, "It's just so beautiful."  I convinced him to go to bed only by telling him he could use the iPod to take pictures of it in the morning. He didn't forget about that and spent a lot of time taking pictures.  He would max out the photo capacity so we would have to delete them every once in a while but we would just tell him we were fixing the iPod so it would take pictures again.  So funny what fascinates them. 
This year we went with the Brown family.  Buzz and Wayne's families couldn't make the trip but we did snag Payton to join the fun.  We even got Grandma on the tub; what a riot.  We kept worrying about hurting her back but we couldn't get her off.  She was laughing so hard.  We also did a little cliff jumping but Grandma didn't participate in that activity. Ha Ha.

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