Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Awesome life!

So last night our friend Brian Rowser called Darryl and asked him if he wanted to fly down to Zion in the morning and run Buckskin Gulch.  Brian is a private pilot and wanted to fly down and do this run.  Darryl was all in.  I dropped him off at the airport in the early morning hours and then they were in Zion before most people woke up.  What a life--an awesome life!  They ran about 7 miles and Darryl was done so he ran back.  Brian and his brother kept going a little further.  Darryl was freezing and didn't think he could take anymore ice pools.  He said the water they went through had floating ice on top-- Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  This was the text Darryl sent me, "Yeah, the ice water (literally ice in the water) up to the chest, not fun.  Legs would burn, hard to breath, but the leggings were great.  Probably would have froze, or turned back way early without them."  I can't imagine.  I was incredibly jealous of him until I  heard that.  I don't do cold like that.  Glad you had so much fun though honey!

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