Friday, January 9, 2015

It's A Bardy!

In Minion language it's a bardy(aka: party)! We started the party off eating ice cream and cupcakes with bowling pin and bowling ball toppers.  Cole asked them if it was a thumbs up and they all signed their approval.  Then we played "Strike, Strike, Gutter" (aka: duck, duck, goose).  They were hilarious to watch because they laughed about everything.  They were just supper giggly!  Kade and Clint were put on photographer duty and so we got some super cute shots.   Next we bowled over the Minion cut outs with a black balloon bowling ball.  Then a game of "Pin the Bowling Ball on the Minion's Hand."  Noah pinned it over the Minion's eye and he thought that was hysterical.  Then we all went downstairs to go bowling-- on the Xbox. :)  They thought it was super fun and we didn't even have to have the hassle of putting on bowling shoes, and getting bowling balls with 6 kids running around. (I'm not counting Kade and Clint because they were great helpers!)  When they were finished with their bowling game we opened presents and sent them home with a goodie bag filled with Minion fruit snacks, whopper bowling balls, and circus peanut bowling pins.  I love little kid parties.  It was total chaos but they are so adorable!!!!  We had to include the picture of Clint's bowling pin.  He took it off his cupcake and licked the icing and started laughing.  It looked like hair on a guys face so he carved eyes and a smile for the face and had a cool little dude.

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