Thursday, January 8, 2015


Cole's big day was today! It was his birthday. It was so hard to believe he is 5! Our baby isn't a baby anymore.  He's such a big guy.  Tonight he opened his gifts from our family and Grandma & Grandpa Bosshardt.  They gave him an airplane that he LOVES.  He doesn't even want to go to school, eat dinner, or go to bed; he just wants to play with the airplane.  We gave him books of mazes (he's always loved mazes), and a travel size hungry hippos game (he wore out our other Hungry Hippo game).  For his birthday party he wanted to play bowling on the Xbox with everyone and have a Minion themed party so for his cake he wanted a bowling cake.  I came up with the bowling pins (circus peanuts dipped in white chocolate) and bowling ball (whopper dipped in blue colored white chocolate) on a bowling lane.  Cole was excited when he saw it but asked where he was.  I pulled out one of the Minion graham crackers that we were going to include in the party favor bags.  I put it on the cake and Cole said, "That isn't me."  I had forgotten that earlier the boys were looking at the side of the box where there were pictures of each of the different Minions in the box.  They had assigned each of our family member a Minion identity.  Cole dug in the box and found him.  I put it on the cake and brushed my hands off thinking it looked great.  Cole looked up at me and said, "Where's my trophy?"  I quickly colored some white chocolate orange, the closest thing I could get to gold, melted it and shaped it on wax paper to look like a trophy.  Voila!   "Where's my trophy on my neck?"  OH!  I used some icing and made a medal hanging on the Minions neck.  Cole again looked up at me, "Where's the number one?"  Of course!  I used some red icing and made the trophy a 1st place trophy!  Voila! "Where's everyone else?  We need Kade, Clint, Dad, and Mom."  Right!  I pulled out four Minions and then remembered I should verify which Minion was which person-- yea! I avoided a delay there!  Cole found the correct Minion for each person and instructed me on which medal they needed on their neck.  Now you'd think Cole would look up and me and say, "Where's  . . ." but I finally got smart!  After he gave me the proper instructions for all of the family member Minions I went and turned on the Xbox for him to play, he's really into playing Kinect Sports right now--he loves it all, soccer, boxing, bowling, and track and field. :)  I was SO ready to be done with that cake! When he saw the finished cake he seemed very satisfied.  Happy Birthday to my favorite Minion!  I love you!
Cole's big developments this year is that he has started Preschool with the Dual Immersion program.  He just started the Spanish portion of it but he's learned so much with the English portion it seems like he gets older every day.  He also started wearing glasses this year.  He looks so cute and gets compliments wherever he goes.  He has mastered getting himself dressed and is pretty good at brushing his teeth even though he doesn't enjoy doing it himself.  His job is to empty the dishwasher silverware basket.  He seems to like the organization of the process.  Like I mentioned earlier he has found a love of playing the Xbox.  The games he loves to play are Kinect Sports and Wipeout.  Both of these games require to you run and jump constantly.  Cole will be drenched with sweat when he is done.  I guess that is good for something. ;)  He is really good at each of the games as well.  He'll often try to get Kade or Clint to play him and they won't because they're not feeling like loosing. :)
He is 41.5"tall and weighs 36 lbs.
We couldn't love you more buddy!  Thanks for always being able to make our family happy by just being your cute self. (I know, I know, because you always correct me.  You're not cute; you're awesome!)

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