Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rollin' Easter Eggs!

So what do you think we'd be doing on September 19th??? How about rolling our Easter eggs.  Yep!  We never had time back in April so I kept those eggs in the fridge thinking I'd run the boys up a hill sometime and we'd get it done.  Well here we are in the middle of September and my fridge has stunk for about 6 months and we're finally doing something with those eggs!  Kade and Clint wanted to do the traditional shooting the eggs so we packed their BB guns and the eggs when we went to visit Grandma this weekend.  We were going down to help Grandma make salsa, V-8 juice, and pickles-- what a busy weekend.  Cole wanted to do the traditional roll the eggs so I drove him up to the hills on the west side of Aurora and he rolled his, all 12 rotten eggs!  Man was that stinky!  As they say, "Better late than never!!!" 

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