Saturday, September 26, 2015


The boys were having a great time today playing downstairs. My mom came this weekend to make chili rellenos with me so we could use up the chilies from her garden.  We made exactly 100 chili rellenos! We fried 79 of them and just froze 21 of them stuffed.  To make them we had to use 10 lbs of cheese and 57 eggs-- Crazy!  Anyway, back to the boys. . .  Every so often I would spot one of them passing by the kitchen carrying items but I wasn't' paying close enough attention to know what they had; they looked like busy little ants.  I had no idea what they were up to but they seemed very happy and entertained so I was pleased.  After a while their voices rang out, "Mom! Grandma!  Come and see our fort."  They used all the chairs in the house, couches, mini trampoline, safety pins, clothespins, a roll of tape, and all the blankets we have lying around.  It was a palace.  They were so proud and super excited when I agreed to let them sleep in the fort.

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