Monday, September 21, 2015

What Does Busy Look Like For You?

At Lake Powell I met Sathanuman and he asked me what I've been up to lately.  I replied, "You know just being busy."  He asked, "What does busy look like for you?"  I thought for a minute but saying that I run the boys around to their activities just didn't seem to cover the whole day, so I figured he'd ask what I did when I wasn't running them around.  The days seem to fly by and it seems there is never a moment of rest so what do I do?  It has been a while since I documented a day in the life of us so I decided to keep track so I could remember what a typical day would be like.  Every "activity" goes until the next time is stated so every moment is accounted for(I did squeeze bathroom breaks in somewhere--ha ha).  Each day is pretty much the same thing but the activities may be a little different; I may be cleaning a bathroom, weeeding flower beds, doing laundry, fixing bike tires nad such, taking kids to different types of activities, etc. but everyday(with the exception of Saturday and Sunday) are all pretty much the same. SO... Sathanuman here is what I've been up to.  I finally answered your question. :-)

6:00 Kade usually gets up and starts his reading
6:30 I get up, get dressed , and ready to workout
6:55  Start workout
8:00 Make lunches, eat breakfast, check homework, get dressed for work, put Clint's shoes in the laundry
8:30 Send boys off to school and finish getting ready for work
8:45 Drive to work
8:55 Start class
9:50 Dismiss class and answer questions
10:05 Drive to library to take back books, then go home
10:15 Drive to Redmond Minerals to do shopping at Real Foods and take salsa and Tomato juice Mom and I bottled this weekend to Ron
10:40 Get home, empty car, feed Kia, put Clint's shoes on the shoe dryer, fold laundry and put it away, play a quick, new version, of a game Cole made up
11:15 Get Coles' lunch ready, eat, and finish folding laundry and putting it away while he eats
11:50 Clean up lunch and start dishwasher
12:00 Start mowing lawns
12:10 Bike Cole to school
12:20 Finish mowing lawns
1:30 Spray off and put the lawn mower away
1:40 Take cucumbers to the Harneys
1:45 Go to post office to mail letters and a package to Gary
2:10 Bike to school to get Cole and stay for Clint's SSP(parent teacher conference)
3:00 Bike home
3:05 Help everyone with homework, cut apples and cucumbers, and warm up bran muffins for snacks
3:10 Pest control guy comes and we keep doing homework, but Kade bikes to scouts
3:20 Pest Control guy leaves and we keep doing homework
3:30 Start making dinner
4:20 Kade home from scouts, help Kade with homework and keep working on dinner
4:45 Leave to drop off Kade and Clint
5:00 Drop Clint off at violin
5:15 Drop Kade off at gym
5:20 Grab purse from home
5:25 Fuel up the van
5:35 Arrive at violin lady's house, and grade papers in the car
5:50 Clint is done
6:00 Get home finish dinner prep and setting the table
6:30 Darryl gets home and we chat while I finish in the kitchen(he's been on a business trip to Canada so we haven't chatted for a while since phone rates are a little much)
7:05 Darryl goes to get Kade from gym, Cole and Clint come and wash their hands for dinner
7:20 Everyone is home and we eat
7:45 Boys shower, I clean up the kitchen and help Cole get ready for bed
8:30 Tuck the boys in bed
8:50 Enter homework scores
9:00 Watch a show with Darryl
10:30 Get ready for bed
11:00 Go to bed

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