Sunday, September 13, 2015

Workin' At Powell

Kade headed down to Powell with Ron & Lisa this morning to work as staff.  He was very happy to have the opportunity to go and spend more time in paradise, and work a little while he was there.  I met Lisa and Ron in Orem and the whole way there Kade was like a caged animal and chatterbox.  He couldn't stop talking and wiggling while we were waiting for them and the rendezvous and so I told him to get out and run around the parking lot to burn off some energy.  He didn't even question it.  He immediately jumped out of the car and was running around the empty lot.  It was funny.    While at Powell they had some crazy weather.  One night they had 50-60 mph winds-- pretty scary down there.  The highlight of the trip for Kade was the day he got up on the slalom ski.  He was SO happy.

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