Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1st Heber Home

So here are a few pictures of our first home in Heber. This was where Kade spent 9 months - 8.5 years; Clint spent 0 - 7 years; and Cole spent 0 - 3.5 years of their lives. We really loved the neighbors. The street was so great to live on. The kids could just run up or down the street to go play with a friend. It wasn't a through street so there the traffic wasn't very worrisome. Our backyard was a little small and so that kept us always looking at homes that were on the market, which led us to this crazy next few months. A realtor knocked on our door on Wednesday Mar. 27th and started the conversation that prices of homes were up and we should sell if we were ever wanting to-- now is the time! Darryl was traveling but thought it was a good idea. The next day we get a call from Kris Hummer saying her home is going up on Short Sale and if we're interested to contact her realtor. We did just to discuss it. There were other buyers before us so the bank would receive their offers before ours but on April 1st we put an offer in for the Hummer home. We debated about listing our house because we didn't want to do it and then be homeless without a plan so we waited about a week and then we found out the other offers backed out and so it was just a matter of waiting for the bank to accept our offer. Now we were debating on whether to sell the house or keep it as a rental. Ug!!! What do you do? There are so many pros and cons for both. In the end we decided we weren't gamblers. If we owned it outright we would have kept it but we didn't want both mortgages and home expenses hanging over our heads. The realtor wanted to do an open house to kick of the listing so April 20th, which was a couple weeks after the first realtor knocked on our door. The first couple that came walked through the upstairs, he slapped the counter and said, "This is it!" His realtor said, "Why don't we look at the downstairs before we write up a contract." In the end they ended up offering us $500 over what we were asking which was around $270,000. All was looking great. April 22nd, Clint was saying the prayer for dinner and said, "We're thankful we could move and meet new friends." It was comforting to know at least Clint was okay with this big change. We were not sure about it all because it was such a roller coaster ride. A few days later, on the 24th, we found out the buyers backed out. Aaaa!?. We were so disappointed-- especially because during this week 3 homes went on the market in our neighborhood. We did get some good news on the 24th though. We found out that the reason we hadn't heard if we were getting the Hummer home or not was because the bank negotiator that was originally working with the Hummer home and been transferred and so a new negotiator was working the file. Well today the old negotiator to the file back because she was upset the new negotiator was taking so long. We're hoping now we'll get an answer soon. It didn't come as soon as we hoped. The new negotiator did find that there were some documents that weren't submitted and that is why it wasn't progressing so she got those taken care of quickly. On May 3rd we found out we had approval to buy the Hummer home. Okay this is really happening. :{ Yikes! We had a friend who found someone that wanted to buy our house so a couple few weeks after we closed on the Hummer home we closed on the sale of our 1st Heber home. Wow what a trip! The trip didn't stop there. I'll save the rest of the story for another post-- "Overwhelmed!"

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