Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Phitness Fase :)

Kade and Darryl have been planning a backpacking trip this summer.  Tonight they went for a bike ride together and Kade said it was to get their legs in shape for the hiking.  He said they are going to go for a ride every night to prepare.  He also said he's not going to eat anything bad anymore.  We had cookies the other day and he wouldn't eat one.  He also informed me that he wanted to start taking a sack lunch every Friday. I was baffled because Friday is pizza day and that is the one day that he always picks to eat school lunch if I only let them pick one day each week.  He clarified that pizza is greasy and he can't have greasy foods, "It's not healthy and won't keep my legs strong."  The fitness phase lasted for over a week.  I was impressed with his dedication.  He's a tough, active kid so I'm pretty sure he'll do fine on their adventure together.

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