Saturday, March 9, 2013

State Chess Tournament

When we resgisterd Clint for the State Chess Tournament I thought it would be a bunch of people playing chess.  Well I was kind of right.  It was a TON of people playing chess every spare minute they had.  Most of the kids had portable chess sets, mats included, that they had thrown over their shoulder.  AFter each game they would come out unroll their mat and begin playing another chess game with whomever they could find.  It was crazy, especially because these kids were as young as 5!
Clint's sportsmanship was worth the whole day.  He was such a great sport.  Even if he'd loose he'd point it out to the opponent, shake hands, and say nice job.  When we'd see the other opponents Clint would act like they were new best friends.  He would chat with them for a bit, but you could tell they were a little(or a lot) more focused on playing chess.  It was definitely a different experience.

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