Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Does it Mean?

So from day one we've known Kade and Clint are two very separate individuals   One of those dividing identities is the love/lack of love for sweets.  Kade isn't really tempted by cakes, and candies.  Clint on the other hand can sniff out sugar if you have it in your house and once he finds it he would like to make a meal out of it.  So what is the reason for this post?  The boys had some candy from church or a party.  Typically they keep their stash of candy on their dressers.  Clint usually asks multiple times each day if he can have some of his candy.  It doesn't take long before his stash is gone.   What prompted this post was something that made me smile.  Sitting on Kades dresser was a starburst bitten in half.  That is how he eats his candy.  A tiny bit is all he needs and the rest can wait for another day.  Wish he got that from me.  I wonder though if that carries any indication of the type of person Kade is and links to some characteristics he holds.  Or, is it just that he only likes a tiny bite of sweets every other day.  :)

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