Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We had a great time at Gooseberry this year.  Unfortunately Jackie wasn't able to make it but everyone else at least made an appearance so we had quite the crowd at times.  It's always better with more people!  Granny had "Bosshardt Bunch" shirts and bags made for everyone and so we had to sport them for a family picture.  We had a great time relaxing in the hammock, playing 2 ball, doing the flying squirrel, gathering candy from the candy cannon, crocheting pot scrubbers, building paper rockets, and just playing with the cousins.  As you can see we were swamped!  Wendy was busy brainwashing Cole.  She was quite successful.  He now responds, "Wendy" and "Red Socks," very readily when asked questions like, "Who's your favorite?" or "What's your favorite team?"  or "Who do you love?"  We tried something new this year and ended the day with a DeWitt Jones video which is always a fun way to wrap up the day--deep pondering.  I think a few of the family members really enjoyed it.  I don't remember exactly what happened on day 1 but we didn't start taking pictures until day 2 so here they are:

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