Saturday, June 8, 2013

The City of Brotherly LOVE

This is proof that I made it to Pennsylvania.  It was trip that we've been trying to make happen for about 12 years.  Every time we would have it planned something would come up and plans would have to change.  This time there were many reasons again for me not to go, like painting a house and moving preparations, but I went anyway.  Darryl was going for work and it would just be the perfect trip for me to join him on.  He'd have to do some traveling out there for different events so it would be a great opportunity for me to get to see where he served his mission.  We spent an extra day and just visited a few of his old friends.  It was so fun to meet Jim Flowers III a man with whom I've talked on the phone to, texted, and swapped Christmas gifts with but never met in person until now.  He is really a great guy.  I also got to meet Joyce Herbst.  She too was someone I have corresponded with and so it was fun finally get to meet her and spend a short while chatting.  I loved riding the subway, and the trains-- I couldn't tell which was which, but it was a different experience and so I enjoyed it.  We went and toured the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia; What an awesome building!  I also got an authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich from a street vendor-- just to say I had!  It was tasty!  We went and had dinner with the Vincents too.  They picked a cheese-steak "restaurant."  It was a little different from the street vendor's version-- more gourmet.  Afterwards we finished the meal off by grabbing a gelati from Ritas and going to visit Amie Vincent.  We also spent one night at the Elk Forge Bed and Breakfast in Elkton, MD.  This is owned and run by the Linderman's, another mission friend of Darryl's.  It was really a neat location.  SO beautiful.  I was amazed how green and lush all of the areas we traveled were.  I had no idea it was like that back there.  Even the row-homes in Philadelphia were not as I imagined them.  They are much more narrow and tall and they seem to never end.  There are SO many, blocks and blocks of homes.  We walked through Penny Park too and Darryl told me stories about his mission and pointed out apartments they lived in.  This trip was full of great experiences.  I'm so thankful I was able to go.  A HUGE thanks to my mom for watching the boys and painting our new house while we're gone.  She is Wonder Woman!

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