Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cousin Fun in the Sun!

McKylee came to stay with us!  The boys were so tickled to have Kylee come stay with us for a couple days.  We did many things while she was here, including earning about 15 Brag Tags.  It was so great that they allowed kids from out of town to earn the tags too.  One of the tags was wash a car, so here the kids are washing the van.  I think the focus wasn't on getting the van spotless as much as it was on just spraying water with various items (ie. hose, squirt bottles, mustard bottle, etc.).
We also went to the Heber City Park.  They just recently redid the whole play area and put in AstroTurf.  It is SO GREAT!  I love doing laundry without all the sand, gravel, and wood-chips that find their way into pockets at the other playgrounds.
I think McKylee's favorite thing we did was to go and see the horses.  There is a business that teaches equine handling and to get their tag you had to go visit the horses.  Kylee LOVES horses and so she was pretty happy to spend some time seeing them.  However, the kids didn't spend much time petting the horses once the owner told them about the electric fence they have protecting the horses.  The kids were sure they would get shocked so they kept their distance. 

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