Friday, July 18, 2014

Birthday Party Starring: CLINT BOSSHARDT

Clint chose a friend birthday party so today he celebrated with many of his close friends. Those that came were:  Peter Bringhurst, Ashton Jones, Garrett Marsh, Zack Goode,  Ben Chappell, Parker Mayne, Karcson Madsen, Korben Madsen, Ben Ailshie, Spencer Ailshie, and Zack Karl.

Unfortunately, I can't find the pictures from the party.  Hopefully they turn up before I get this published in the book.  :-*(

All Clint wanted was to have a movie party and watch The Lego Movie with snacks.  I went off that idea and here is what we ended up with:

  • We, of course, watched the Lego Movie-- with popcorn, licorice, and a drink.
  • We played pin the face on Bad Cop.  He had a blank yellow lego face and they boys had to try to put his face on the right spot. 
  • We played lego match.  We paused the movie and they had to dig through all of our legos and find 5 pieces that were currently on the screen.
  • We opened presents.  Clint received some super fun toys from all of his friends.  You would think with that many presents he is sure to get something he's not too excited about but nope!  He loved everything he got.
  • Instead of a cake he wanted doughnuts so I got the bar doughnuts and cut circles on them to make them look like a 2 by 3 lego piece.
  • They ended the party with playing outside.
Such a fun time with so many boys!

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