Saturday, July 19, 2014

Clint is 8!

Is it possible that I have 2 of my 3 kids old enough to get baptized!  I'm not old enough, I tell you!  I still think of how old I thought my sister was when her first was baptized-- I thought, "She is no longer a young mother but she's now like as old as . . . mom."  Between the both of us we have 6 kids 8 or older but I actually think we're both still 25.  Funny how  your mind doesn't let you age. (notice I didn't say memory, or body-- those age!)
Well for height and weight Clint is now 51 lbs. and all muscle!  He's 49 inches tall which is a big deal because many places require kids to be 48 inches to ride certain rides or do certain activities.  He's all good now-- for the most part. ;)  He loves to laugh and so jokes, or silly things are right up his alley.  He can retell a show with a play-by-play of every character.  This happens often. :)  He can read extremely well and really enjoys school.  The hardest part for him is not being able to be called on every time.  It is hard for him to understand why the teacher won't call on him when no one else is raising their hand.  We've tried to explain to him that the teacher is trying to get the other kids to answer, give insight, or think and not just rely on him to answer every time.  He understands the reasoning but he just thinks they should still call on him because, well, he knows!  Clint was born easy going and he is still that way-- most of the time.  If he has done something wrong though it really eats at him and he feels completely horrible about it.  The thing I love most about him in situations like this though is that no matter what it is that he did he feels like he can always be honest with us and he'll tell us exactly what happened.  He's such a great, helpful kid and I'm pretty lucky to have him as my son.  Love you buddy!

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