Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sail away!

There have been some amazing Brag Tag opportunities this year and this one takes the cake. The Park City Sailing Club sponsored this one. Every other week they all get together to sail. They study techniques, do races, and just talk sailing.  For this tag you had to go sail with them.  They had a couple of larger sail boats that you could ride in.  I initially stayed on shore to save space and it was such a quick load and embarking so I didn't get a picture of the boys in the boat.  While I was watching them from the shore another boat came in and loaded the spectators up so we could get out on the water and have a closer look.  It was so interesting to learn a little about sailing.  The best though was looking out over Jordanelle Reservoir and seeing all of the boats.  What a beautiful sight.  Sailing across the water with no noise but the splash of the water on the boat was so serene.  I felt like I had been transported to somewhere like Florida.  I didn't get a picture of the boys getting off their boat because the wind died so our boat got stuck.  Our captain ended up paddling us back to shore.  When I returned to the boys they were talking about the different parts of the boat and said the captain had them pull the ropes on their boat. :-)  SO awesome!!!

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