Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brag Tag--Shooting Range

Chalk another one up for an awesome brag tag experience.  We went to the shooting range today to do the Bullseye Brag Tag. There were 2 volunteers there that were on duty to manage the range for the day and they were extremely wonderful with the boys.  They went above and beyond teaching the boys about gun range safety.  They were shooting their personal guns and asked the boys if they wanted to take a few shots.  Of course they were excited to shoot a gun, especially one that "looks cool!"  I didn't think to take a picture while Kade and Clint took their shots.  Kade hit the target dead center and the guy, in good humor, was frustrated because he'd only shot the gun 3 times and hadn't been able to hit the bullseye and Kade's first shot found the center.  His next couple shots were pretty good as well.  Clint did pretty good as well.  He sights with his right eye so she shoots left handed which is a little awkward for him.  I wasn't even considering Cole attempting to shoot but the guy was insistent that he get a turn and Cole didn't understand why he shouldn't get a turn when everyone else got a turn-- he's oblivious to the fact that he's much younger than Kade and Clint.  He shot well and was smiling so big until it kicked back on his last shot and hit his mouth.  I felt so bad because the guy was feeling so good about helping the kids and then after that happened he seemed to regret ever doing it.  I think he felt like I would be upset with him but it was completely and accident.  If anything I felt very indebted to him for sharing his time, patience, ammunition, and knowledge with the boys.  I really wish I would have gotten the guys names.  They were so great and I would have liked to do something for them to show them our appreciation.

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