Monday, November 24, 2014

Cole Needs Glasses?????

Earlier last week I received a letter in the mail from the school district saying Cole needed to have an eye exam from an obstetrician.  It also stated that if we wanted to they would re-screen him just to make sure.  I called the district to set up an appointment to have him screened again figuring that during the initial screen he just didn't read the board right.  Well, I was shocked when the lady held up a device, that looked just like my camera, in front of Cole and it made some fun sounds and flashed colorful lights.  In about 15 seconds they lady said, "Yep, he failed it again."  What?  That is how they screen them now?  I had NO idea?  Wow!  It was amazing what they can do.  I felt so bad because I had no idea his vision was so bad.  He has never complained nor shown any kind of sign that he can't see anything well, like turning his head or anything.  We are so glad we had him in Preschool through the district so we caught it as early as we did.  I immediately scheduled the eye exam.  We went today and sure enough his left eye isn't working very hard.  We ordered glasses and hopefully his eyes will improve.  Once his glasses arrived I expected a fight to get him to keep them on but he faithfully wears them.  When I complimented him on being so good about wearing them he replied, "Well yea, I can see better with them." He's such a cutie!

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