Friday, November 7, 2014

Man's Best Friend

When we first got Kia he clearly seemed to have a slight fear of men but no reservations with the women.  Well it didn't take long before Darryl had won Kia over.  They both love each other.  Darryl loves to go out and run around with him in the yard.  It makes me feel like he's been deprived all these years. :(    I didn't have to try to win Kia over but he did need to win me over and I must admit he is getting close to doing just that.  He's a sweet dog and it is just fun to have a companion while you're doing work in the yard.  Today I was filling the chickens food tin and left the empty sack on the ground after I dumped out the chicken feed.  Apparently Kia loves chicken food.  He licked the bag clean and kept going until he was completely inside the bag.  Too funny.

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