Monday, November 3, 2014

Still Laughing!

The class I teach at the college starts at 8 AM so the boys are often left to dress themselves after I head to work.  Sometimes they come home with interesting style combinations but I usually don't give it much thought since they are in elementary school.  Today when Kade walked through the door I began laughing-- so hard I was crying.  I tried to compose myself and as you can see if the first picture he clearly thinking I'm getting too much of a kick out of this.  He was saying, "What?  It was hanging up in my closet."  Somehow Cole's shirt ended up in Kade's closet and so Kade wore it to school.  I'm not really sure how he even got it over his head.  Just a 5 year difference in clothing sizes.  So funny.  He said he thought it seemed like it didn't fit him but he just went with it anyway. :)

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