Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Magnet by Clint Bosshardt

The Magnet
Once there was a magnet.  His friend were Bob, Hob, Mob and Fob.  the funny thing is that they were nails so whenever they played the nails always stuck to him.  They had the best times together.  It was fun.  They played pinball, bowling, wii and as you know if a magnet gets close to a wii it brakes it and that's what happened the wii blew up.  They didn't have enough to afford a wii.  It was all most Christmas.  They wanted a scooter but they decided that they were going to wish for a wii.  When it was Christmas they got the scooter!  It was awesome.  They rode it every day.  Each day they learned new tricks every day.  They liked the bunny hop but their favorite was the clouda.  That meant 3 back-flips in a row.  They saw it on TV and they did it! It was so cool.  I can't believe it, 3 back-flips in a row!  They were so proud.  THE END
FYI:  Nob is the magnets name.

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