Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why Do Waitresses Say That?

We had heard a lot about the awesome trains at JC Mickelson's restaurant in Nephi so we had been wanting to stop and take the boys there for quite a while.  On our way to Aurora we had 3 hungry little boys so we took time to stop in for dinner.  The train displays didn't disappoint and neither did our boys.  The waitress extensively praised them for being so well behaved.  She mentioned all day they had kids that were just throwing fits and being horrible.  She was so delighted with how kind, patient, and friendly our boys were.  The first thing Kade said was, "That is like the third time this year!.  Why do waitresses always say that?"  They always say that because you guys really are awesome!  Way to have manners boys!!!  LOVE YOU!

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