Friday, June 5, 2015

Hittin' a Bucket o' Balls

There are a handful of brag tags that are the boys favorites and this is one of them.  They are given a token for a free bucket of balls.  I'm sure the serious golfers at the driving range are as excited to have them there but the kids sure think it's the best thing ever.  They really like watching the serious golfers too.  I'm glad we have a reason for them to be exposed to people that know how to play so they can see first hand how to really do it.  This trip we went with the Spencers.  Tyler had brought along a friend who was swinging carelessly/dangerously.  Wendy and I didn't know what to do with the kid and I thought for sure one of the "real" golfers would come unglued but there was an amazing guy who pulled the kid aside and showed him how to properly swing.  The kid listened and was much more in control after that.  I was so impressed by the guy.  I think the more common reaction would be to yell at the kid for almost hitting someone and then marching into the office and getting the kid kicked off the driving range.  Instead he used it as a teaching moment; teaching the boy how to swing, and also how to deal with someone who needs being dealt with-- he taught me that too.

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