Monday, June 1, 2015

T-Ball Makes Me Smile

Cole started T-Ball today and I must say it was adorable!  It just makes me smile all over watching these little guys play a game that they don't fully understand.  I love the moments that they swing the bat so hard the momentum unexpectedly spins them around.  And the moments where they run toward 3rd base instead of 1st.  I also love the moments where they get to 1st base and they still have their bat in hand.  Or the moments where they go to run to 2nd base but they can't find it so they end up in the outfield or running to the pitchers mound.  I love the moments when the ball is hit and the entire team swarms to the ball and then they pick it up and the parents immediately start screaming commands to throw it but I'm sure the noise is so overwhelming they don't know where to throw it, but the parents still do it every time.  I love the moments when a little one in the field decides to sit down and play with the dandelions or dirt.  And the moments with those who have an alter ego of a professional baseball player and they play so intensely; seemingly just mimicking things they've seen in the major leagues.  My favorite moment that made me smile today though was on the way home when Cole said, "I  LOVE t-ball!  That was SO much fun!!!  Can I do that again?"

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