Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Livin' Out of the Car

We had so many different activities all around the same time this morning so the car ended up looking like a bomb went off.  We loaded up the car and headed out with a change of clothes and necessities for all the morning events.  I drank my breakfast shake on the was to drop Cole off at his T-ball game with his mitt and bat then headed to Wasatch Mountain State Park pond to drop Kade and Clint off at fishing club with their poles, tackle boxes, waters and chairs.  Then I headed back to the ball fields with the camera, and treats for Cole's team.  Darryl came to watch from work to watch Cole's game and take some great photos of Cole.  We watched the last of the game and then Cole and I headed to take Cole to fishing club.  After fishing club everyone jumped in the car and changed into their swimming suits and it was off to swimming lessons with their flip flops, towels, dry clothes, and goggles in hand.  Lessons finished and we were ready to go home and have lunch.  Phew! What a morning.

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