Thursday, June 11, 2015

Swimming and a Picnic

The boys are doing great at swimming lessons.  I haven't taken any pictures of Kade and Clint because we have to sit in the bleachers that are next to the ceiling and so they are so far away you can't even tell who they are, plus it is fairly dark in there as well--should have brought the good camera.  Cole is the guy in the middle next to the wall with his right arm out doing a swim stroke.  I was so worried about Cole freezing and not being willing to cooperate at lessons this year because we did lessons at the intermediate school pool which is pretty cold-- especially compared to Kamas. The boys never complained and seemed to really enjoy their teachers.  Their level system is different than Kamas' so I'm not sure what they are equivalent to but I had Kade and Clint in the Breaststroke and Backstroke class(they changed the name to Level 4) and they passed.  Cole was in the beginner course and though his teacher didn't pass him she said it was because he wouldn't put his face in the water, something he does all the time so I wasn't too worried.  In fact when we go play at the Kamas pool he'll sit on the bottom of the pool or swim around on the bottom holding his breath and blowing out air so I'm sure he's fine with going in the water. After lessons today we met up with the Spencers at the park for a picnic.  Kade looks a little tired, Clint looks a little hungry, and Cole looks a little silly.  The picnic earned the boys another brag tag which Clint was sure to point out.  Fun summer times.

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