Friday, August 7, 2015

A Little Lake Powell Fun: Friday

It rained all day today.  I have never seen such a thing at Lake Powell.  Usually it hits for a while and moves out but today was a soaker.  The lightning was pretty incredible and close so we just played on and near the houseboat.  Every time the lightning would stop we'd think we'd head out on the jet-skis or the boat but and soon as we'd all be ready to take off the lightning would start up again.  We watched a lot of movies.  Darryl got out the Aquaskipper and so we had a fun time trying to figure it out.  Darryl can ride it like a pro, but after many tries, Kade, Chris, and Zack were all able to ride.  We even had a few guys from neighboring house boats come over and try their hand at it.  It was great entertainment for all of us during the downpour.  

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