Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Little Lake Powell Fun: Tuesday

We spent a lot of time in the boat today.  We all had a lot of fun on all the skis and boards.  The most exciting thing was that we got all the Goodes out and up on the toys!  They have never been to Lake Powell before it is was so fun to watch them enjoy this magical place.  We played some in the dock as well.  The boys had fun trying to catch the football as they would jump off the house boat or go down the slide.  Chris and Becky took a jetski out to experience the lake that way.  We soaked up the sun, paddle boarded, and kayaked too.  By evening Chris' parents and his little brother Kelden arrived.  The most surprising thing for today was that the Goodes were jumping off the house boat and going down the slide too.  They were definitely stepping out of their comfort zones on this trip but I think in the end they had a blast.

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