Saturday, August 15, 2015

Quick Trip with a Hiccup

My mom just got back from Hawaii and she was feeling extremely overwhelmed with all the work she had waiting for her when she returned.  Her yard needed attention, but the biggest issue was that her garden had a lot of work to be done.  The corn was ready to be harvested as well as other veggies.  She called me with an SOS and so I headed down early Saturday morning with Kade and Clint as my helpers.  Darryl had something on Saturday that he needed to be home for so he stayed with Cole in Heber.  Darryl and Cole had some good one-on-one time without us.  They went and saw a movie and ate at 5 Guys.  They slipped in a few games of pool as well.  In Aurora we were having fun too-- of a different form. :)  We picked corn and shucked it, then we processed it while we picked and washed cucumbers and beans.  We got all the corn froze, beans bottles, and cucumbers pickled.  What a day!  I needed to be back for church so we headed back early Sunday morning.  While we were on 800 S we heard a clang in the wheel area.  I figured I must have just flipped up a rock or something and so I just kept driving.  We hadn't gone far up Provo Canyon when I heard a noise that made it obvious something wasn't right.  I was in the far left lane and there was a truck and trailer between me and the shoulder of the road.  I got over as quickly as I could and pulled off the road.  The tire was completely deflated.  I was surprised that there wasn't more of a pull on the steering wheel.  Well, so much for being home early.  Guess I'm changing a tire... I got out but the cars were coming around a blind turn and it made me nervous to be so close to the lane without someone watching out for me.  I didn't want the boys out of the car so I called Darryl to come and save us.  He and Cole jumped in the truck and zipped down the canyon.  He was so smart and brought items to set up behind the cars to draw in attention so people would move over some.  He changed the tire and we were on our way.  What a start to the day!

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