Sunday, August 2, 2015

Family Lake Powell Trip

We couldn't be happier! We're at Lake Powell for the whole week with some awesome people.  We arrived today and our friends Chris and Becky Goode will come tomorrow.  Tuesday Chris's parents will join us and then on Wednesday Wendy, Regan, and his kids will join us.  It was so fun to watch the boys play on the Aqua Lily Pad.  Cole loved jumping on it like as if it were a trampoline.  Kade and Clint liked to play "King of the Lily Pad" where they would try to knock the other person off the pad.  They had different versions they would play like, you could only use your legs, you couldn't touch each other, or anything goes.  So FUN!  I was hanging out watching the kids play in the water and Kade, standing in front of me, strikes a pose and says, "This would make a great picture!"  Luckily I had the camera waiting for a great moment to capture and this was it!  He's such a ham.  Love that kid!
There was the a little bit of a storm lingering today so the overcast made it a little cooler than I prefer so I'm looking forward to some warmer days ahead.

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