Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Little Lake Powell Fun: Saturday

Well all fabulous vacations must come to an end. {sad face}
Today was just cleaning and packing but we did it in record time.  We had the kids help with what they could and then we put a movie on for them in the upper deck and then the adults cleaned the boat in no time.  On the way home we were going to hike a trail that overlooks the other side of the dam but we opted not to since the line of cars pulled off the side of the road near the trail head was about a mile long.  On our way home we stopped in Beaver to eat.  Darryl and his buddies use to go to a little dinner back when he was in high school when they would come to Beaver to ski.  He wanted to see if it was still there an sure enough it was.  It is called Arshel's.  When our lunch was over the boys all said that it was their new favorite place to eat; Great home-style cooking!  They asked if we could come there for their birthday dinners.  Unfortunately, it is a little too far away for that. Our trip was full of excitement after we got back on the freeway.  There was a car that passed us but there were others that had so we didn't think much of it.  Then we noticed a cop coming up behind us with his lights going.  As always, we wondered if he was coming after us, but as he quickly passed us we realized he was going after the red car that had passed us.  The red car made some crazy moves, cutting in and out of cars and diesels.  Oh man! It was a high speed chase!  We watched them speed down the freeway until they were out of sight.  When we got close to the junction I noticed a bunch of police lights and then the red car.  The guy had taken the junction exit, then got on the frontage road, and then drove through a field and fences to get back on the freeway in front of us.  He circled around and ended up doing the same thing but then staying on the northbound freeway.  Darryl pulled up his scanner app and we were able to hear that they were setting up to spike his tires.  We drove over the spikes before they had deployed them but the red car was expected soon after we passed.  We were sad we didn't get to see how it all ended but it made for an exciting ride.

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