Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dress Up @ School

There has been a ban on the kids dressing up for Halloween but this year the school decided to let the kids dress up with the stipulation that they couldn't wear masks or bring any type of weapon.  The Elementary schools did a little parade where everyone walked around the school showing off their costumes.  I was at work during the main parade where Clint walked through but they did another parade with just the afternoon kindergarten and preschool classes and so I was able to see that.  Since Kade and Clint's costumes were based solely on their masks (*see Oct. 31st post) they came up with costumes to wear to school.  Kade was crazy BYU fan, and Clint was a baby.  Cole's Darth Vader helmet detaches from his mask so he just wore the helmet.  He had the Darth Vader costume on as well but it was covered up by his jacket.  They had a great time dressing up but they were all super excited to go to school and just see how everyone else was dressed.  

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