Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spooky Dinner!

Darryl and I got up this morning early, way early, like 3:30 am, so we could get to the airport for our flight back to Utah.  We flew in from San Diego, drove home, hugged the boys, changed our clothes, and went to Zeth Roberts mission welcome home lunch.  My mom came with too because she use to know Zeth when he was Cole's age.  After the lunch we went to church then came home for Spooky Dinner night.  Our schedule was going to be crazy, and Darryl would be gone some of the nights so we figured it was now or possibly never.  The boys were excited to have Grandma there to participate in the tradition.  After dinner Grandma head back to Aurora and we carved our pumpkins.  Cole made up his designs and drew them on his pumpkin and then we cut them out.  Kade drew a rattle snake.  Clint found his design from one of our carving books;  he went with the grim reaper.  They all turned out great and the boys had a great time doing them.

Phew!  What a day!  Can we go to bed yet????????????

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