Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Break-- Rappelling

Buzz and I took the kids rappelling a few times this trip.  They loved it!  It seemed to start to rain every time we'd get set up.  One of the rain showers was more of a down pour and so we hung out under trees and over hangs until it let up.  The first cliff they did was about 50' and then we found them one that was about 100'.  Kade and McKylee were all about rappelling.  Clint was not interested in trying.  He hiked up, put the gear on, and rappelled over a boulder we were using for practice but that was all I could get him to do.  I think if Darryl had been there he would have felt more comfortable and would have been willing to go.  Maddie tried and tried but the first couple cliffs were just too much for her to do.  We finally found a little one to do and she did it over and over!  I made her pose next to this cool rock we passed on our hike up the hill.  It was like a little arch.  They all did really well rappelling.  There was only one time Kylee's foot slipped and so I had to break her but none of them looked like your typical first-timer.  

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