Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Break

Darryl went to sell pianos with his friend over Fall Break and we went camping with my mom and Buzz.  They went to a little spot out in the sticks near Fremont Indian State Park.  It was a golden camping spot.  We had a little stream running behind the camp that the boys spent hours throwing rocks in and floating leaves.  There was also a little "cave" (crevasse) that was up the hill behind the campsite where the kids hung out and pretended it was their "headquarters," (they called it HQ).    It was also very convenient to have some great little repelling cliffs in front of our campsite.  Grandma could sit in her camping chair and watch everyone descend along the wall.  Kia was the only one that didn't seem to love the spot.  We were told there had been some bear sightings in the area so I'm not sure if that was what had him acting strange but he was wound up tighter than a spring.  He was so antsy and when we took him up to HQ he was so jumpy and anxious to follow scents and sounds that he kept trying to jump off the cliffs.  Yikes!  Needless to say, we only took him up the hillside once.    

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