Saturday, October 24, 2015

Go Cougars!

Grandma Brown came to watch the boys this weekend while I went with Darryl to a blogger show in San Diego for Redmond.  We left Friday afternoon and came back Sunday morning so it was a quick trip but super nice to spend some time together.  Grandma traded Uncle Ross tickets so she could take all 3 of the boys and boy were they happy about that.  Clint was a little skeptical about watching a 4 hour sport event but in the end Grandma said she could hardly get him to leave.  We were worried that Cole might get bored and not enjoy it too but he didn't want to leave either.  Kade had been before and so he was stoked to get to go again.  They cheered hard because the final score was: BYU 70 - Seahawks 6.  Grandma said it was so much fun to have them there.  She said they were being so cute and funny.  She wishes she would have had a camera recording them during the game.  Thanks so much Grandma for watching them and being willing to attempt a game with 3 boys by yourself!  You're a champion!

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