Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Huber Grove and Wasatch State Park

We were after more Unplugged Brag Tags today.  We went and explored the Huber Grove.  I'm not sure the kids really got into the history there but they did love exploring and finding interesting sticks, pine cones, leaves, etc.  Then we headed to the Wasatch State Park, aka the Duck Pond, where we attempted to do some Geocaching.  There were a few caches they had to find and they were scavenger hunt like caches where you had to go to a coordinates and then you'd get a clue or new coordinates.  They had a great time finding the first cache but the other two led to dead ends and the workers in the Information Center didn't know where the caches were so they couldn't help us so they were kind and let us have tags anyway.  I  was disappointed just because the kids had so much fun on the first one but were left with a bad taste in their mouths for Geocaching after not being able to finish the last two.  Their spirits were brightened as they tried fishing.  They didn't catch anything but they had fun anyway.
I love this picture!  All of the Bosshardt and the Spencer kids together.  So cute.
Alex(2), Cole(3), James(4), Clint(6), Kade(8), Abby(8), Tyler(10)

Clint saying, "Here fishy!"

Kade's too focused on fishing to look at me.  I did get a peace sign though.

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