Friday, February 14, 2014

A Broken Heart on Valentines

When I was a kid my mom made sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  She also always kicked(meaning put it on the porch, rang the doorbell, and ran) us a Valentine.  She has continued the cookie tradition and ships a box of her cookies to all of her kids each year.  I love the traditions she did with us so I always kick my boys a Valentine and also kick my mom's cookies to them from her.  The boys are always so fascinated with how she was able to do that.  The occasionally would be a little frustrated that she wouldn't stay for a while and say Hi  : )           Well this year I did like every year and made sure they were distracted while I sneaked outside to kick the Valentines to them and then slipped in through the back and resumed my chores.  When they ran in to show me the treasures that were left for them on the proch the demanded, "Tell us how she got them here? We're too old for this."  Talk about a knife straight to my heart.  I dreaded the day when they wouldn't find magic in simple things.  We've arrived.  I'm so sad.  It was good to hear though because it made me realize that they are not 4 any more so I shouldn't expect them to be.   Love these "getting big" boys.

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