Saturday, February 8, 2014


One of those days!
We got home from Kade's gym meet and I started making treats for Darryl to take to Elders Quorum tomorrow.  They have a little thing called "Melchizedek munchies" where each week someone brings a treat.  It keeps them happy so it's a good thing. :)
Darryl wanted to take Sopapillias so I thought it would be perfect if I made a double batch in a cookie sheet pan.  It was a perfect idea.  As I placed the ingredients in the pan I made sure to check and see if it would raise up and overflow.  There was plenty of room above the ingredients so I figured there was nothing to worry about so into the oven they went.  I was feeling so proud that I was on the ball and would have these treats all ready for tomorrow!  Well, we could smell something burning I looked in the oven, it wasn't overflowing.  I shut the door and carried on cleaning up the kitchen.  The burning smell got a little worse so I opened up the oven again to investigate further.  I noticed the butter dripping off the pan.  Then I noticed the bottom of the stove COVERED in butter.  The mild burning smell was from the butter that was dripping hitting the heating coil and burning.  Nothing to worry about but I knew that all that butter on the bottom of the stove was a potential grease fire so I grabbed the hot pads to take out the pan and turned to go back into the oven and the butter ignited!  Darryl happened to be standing there and the fire alarms were now going off.  I grabbed the baking soda and Darryl was frantically searching for the no mess carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.  I kept asking him if I could just use the baking soda, but with the adrenaline rush, the alarms, the panicking kids, Darryl grabbed the only extinguisher he could find-- a traditional fire extinguisher-- and doused the flames.  The fire was gone, but the Sopapillas and most of the kitchen were covered with a thick layer of chemical dust.  Darryl and I cleaned up a little and then got the boys settled down and in bed.  We spent the next 4+ hours taking the oven apart and cleaning every inch of the kitchen.  Darryl made a trip to Walmart and brought home anything you could imagine to clean your kitchen and deodorize your home.  We had bowls of vinegar and bowls of carpet deodorizer on every shelf throughout the house.  The next morning I cleaned everything one more time.  That dust is such a pain to get rid of.  You wipe it all up and then after it dries you find that it didn't all get picked up, so you wipe again and again.
What a memory we made. :/
So what I learned:  Even if what you're making will not over flow from the pan, the buttery topping will easily flow off the top of the "cake" if there is not a rim of some sort for it to keep it in--obvious I know.

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