Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Proclaimed Sibling Day

We had Greg, Heather, Alex, Kelby, Sammy, Eli, Jackie, and Gary here today.  They all just came for a "sibling day."  It was so fun.  We really should hang out like that more often.  It was speared by Jackie who e-mail everyone and said, "Let's get together this weekend.  Jenn and Darryl's place is the most central.  Does that work?"  Those who could come came and we had such a great time.  Gary brought all manner of flying toys; Helicopters, Airplanes, and tiny little flying thing.  It was a pretty low key day.  Those that wanted to flew planes in the field behind our house.  Gary buddy boxed with the beginners.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to save Darryl's plane.  With all the white snow covering the ground and the sky was a white overcast the plane and Darryl couldn't tell which way was which.  That evening everyone headed back home except for Jackie.  She stayed the night with us and went home Sunday after church.

At one point Kade and Clint started telling jokes.  We found out that Cole is brighter than we give him credit when we heard his response to Greg's joke.

Greg: "What do you call a guy in the ocean with no arms and no legs?"
Clint: "I don't know."
Greg gives the answer-- "Bob."  At the same time Cole laughs a big belly laugh and says, "He would sink to the bottom!"  Ha ha ha, he continues to laugh.
Meanwhile everyone else is laughing at "Bob."

Thanks for a super fun Saturday everyone!  We're looking forward to the next Sibling Day.

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