Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh Cole

As I have mentioned before Cole is doing great with potty training and often goes and takes care of everything perfectly without even letting me know.  I suspected he was doing just that today as I went looking for him because I hadn't heard him for a while.  I thought he might need a wipe or something.  As I suspected I found him in the bathroom sitting on the toilet.  When he saw me he quickly said, "Don't see me! Shut the door I'm talking to Jesus."   I shut the door and shook my head.  What will he come up with next?!.  The bizarre/crazy/weird/strange addition to this story is that every time he goes to the bathroom now he does this.  He yells for me to come shut the door so he can talk to Jesus.  I would have expected him to have forgotten that he said that after the first time.  Really, I wonder what he'll say next.

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