Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Kade!!!

Kade is one year older and wiser too!  

First things first: As always Kade wanted to open his presents right when he woke up.  Since Darryl would be leaving this morning for a business trip we let him open them this time.  He was excited to get an electronic snap circuit kit and Hatchet the book.  

This year for his birthday he wanted a gymnastics cake with him on the 1st place podium.  This is what I came up with.  I made the little Kade figurine out of oven craft clay.  After it was finished I was pretty happy with it.  When he requested it I tried to talk him into a few other options because I wasn't sure how to make such a cake but inspiration hit somewhere.  When he got home from school and saw the cake he was so excited.  Glad you loved it buddy!  

Kade opted to do something special with the family over a friend party.  He chose to go snowboarding with Darryl.  So one evening Darryl took him to Sundance and signed him up for a lesson before they played on the slopes together since Kade had never been to a ski resort before.  We no one else signed up for a lesson so his group lesson became a private lesson!  Wahoo!  The instructor was really impressed with how quickly he picked up some of the techniques especially getting off the lift.  She said she's never had a student not fall off the lift at least once but Kade was the first to never fall!  Way to go Kade!  

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