Monday, April 6, 2015

Kicking Off Spring Break!

We wanted to make sure we got a day in at Trafalga for Spring Break since the boys haven't been there for a long time and they were doing a Spring Break special even where they had a few extra things-- turned out they advertised a bunch of things but they didn't have them. :(  The boys weren't disappointed though because they finally had the roller coaster going and they had so much fun riding on it.  I made three laps so Cole said it was better than Bombora (that is his favorite ride at Lagoon).  The Spencers met us there which made the day even better.  Cole enjoyed golfing, Clint enjoyed the water bumper boats, and Kade enjoyed paintball with Tyler.  They thought it was the greatest day!  So glad at least one day was spectacular during the break. :)  When they were ready for lunch we grabbed some sandwiches at Subway and went to Pleasant Grove to a discovery park.  They kids had so much fun playing tag but eventually we had to wrap things up and head back to Heber.  Sad.  It was so great to see the kids having so much fun-- that never gets old.

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