Saturday, April 11, 2015

State Trampoline & Tumbling 2015

Kade wrapped up a great competitive season today.  He finished with 2nd on Trampoline and Tumbling, and 3rd on Double Mini.  He was disappointed because he felt like he wasn't doing as well as he could because he wanted 1st place so badly.  His scores were really close to those who placed higher than him.  They had a team walk in that they did during the middle of the competition where all the teams were announced as they walked in.  Bev and Missy, his coaches, gave each of the team members sun glasses for the walk in.  Kade played "Joe Cool" with his glasses.  Kade learned today that when there is someone that is earning higher scores than you then you just have to train harder and come back next time prepared to do better.  He was a upset that the same kid took 1st in all of his events but at the end of the day harnessed that emotion to realize he wanted to train harder.  So proud of him and the work he puts in at the gym.  Part of his frustration too was that his scores on his second double mini pass was significantly docked and he didn't know why.  We eventually found out that it was because he was doing a straight brani instead of a pike brani. He felt bad he didn't even know he wasn't doing it right, but now he's ready. :)  Way to go buddy!
His scores were:
Tumbling, Level 5: 26.9,26.1 = 53.0 
Trampoline, Level 6: 22.3
Double Mini, Level 6:  28.1, 19.5 = 47.6

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