Friday, April 17, 2015

Flowers for You

My days have been filled with flowers lately.  The giver: Cole.  He's been such a cutie.  He can't walk by a "flower" of any type without picking and giving it to me or his teacher.  When I dropped him off at school today he jumped out of the car started running to the school door and immediately stopped, turned back, bent over, and started plucking yellow flowers from the grass.  With a fist full of the treasures he ran to the classroom and gave them to his teacher, "These are for you."  As you can imagine he melted her heart.  He's done this to me numerous times but it melts my heart every time.  I'm loving this phase he's in!  
The doorbell just rang and I opened the door to find no one but there was a pile of flowers on the porch.  I went back inside and Cole came running through the door, "Did you find the flowers?!"  I replied, "Yes.  I wonder who could have given those to me?"  The photo was his response, "Me!!!"

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