Saturday, April 11, 2015

Really? Trafalga again???

Yep we went to Trafalga one more time during Spring Break!  I found out they had the stunt jump set up for their Spring Event and I knew the boys would LOVE it so we stopped in for a short bit of fun on our way home from the State Tumbling Meet.  McKylee and my mom came up to watch Kade at his meet so they tagged along with us to Trafalga.  Kade did in fact LOVE the the stunt jump.  Clint did not.  I think he really did like it but he got scared trying to crawl off the big pillow you jump onto. It would just keep collapsing and so he felt like he wasn't going to be able to get out so it scared him.  Cole was too short but he really wanted to try it.  McKylee backed out before she was suppose to go.  They all had some fun on the roller-coaster, laser tag, climbing wall, and the squirting bumper boats.  I loved Kylee and Clint's strategy on the boats; Stay down, squirt, and hopefully you hit someone.

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