Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Derby 2015

Kade, Clint and Darryl have had a lot of fun over the last month working together to make their derby cars.  They both chose the same design but picked different colors of monocoat.  Kade went with blue and Clint chose silver.  Clint added a black skull and bones decal as well but Kade chose to not have a decal.  The moment of truth came today and though we speculated that the Butterfields would have the fastest car we were surprised when Kade's car came in as the fastest.  Butterfields came in 2nd followed by one of the Judds.  Clint's car took 4th.  It was Kade's last derby and Clint's first.  Clint was a great sport about it and Kade was a little sad to know that was his last derby.  At the end they let the boys just race and race and race.  They would have loved to stay all night.  I think they could have taken the awards away and just let them race and I think they would have been just as happy.  The end is what made me love the derby. It's so great to see them all being competitive but cheering each other on and just enjoying it.  Clint came home and immediately designed his car for next year.  Maybe we'll start building right now.  :)

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